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Water 4 Haiti, 412 W 48th St. Suite #12, Kearney, NE 68848 
Phone: 308.832.1708    Email: water4haitineb@gmail.com

Water 4 Haiti is a Faith Based- Nondenominational organization working for the improvement of Haitian living standards.  During the past 8 years we have repaired over 600 pumps, some of which had been broken for almost 10 years. On several occasions it was possible to have the pump repaires in half a day and $300 in parts. This small investment paid great dividends to the families of the surrounding villages, especially for the women. This is because the women and children are the primary carriers of the water. Without a reliable water sources many walk for several miles only to find polluted water.
Putting a pump on an open well is valuable for a community for several important reasons.   It improves safety, as a child will not be able to fall in. It improves sanitation, as animals will not fall in and dirty buckets are not lowered into the well each time.  Lastly, it decreases the labor necessary to obtain water. It is much easier to pump the pump than raise a pail of water out of the well.
We have a small drilling machine which can be loaded into a truck.  It will drill to the depth of 150'.  It works well in clay but is too small to drill through rock. The benefit of this drill, however, is that it is small enough to maneuver in rough terrain. We bring in our 4" casing from the States as it is hard to find in Haiti and very expensive.  The Indian Mark II is the pump of choice in nearly all parts of the developing countries.  It is manufactured in India and a complete pump assembly in a 100' hole would cost somewhat over $1000.  We do not charge villages any thing for our work or supplies.  We rely totally  on private donations from individuals, clubs, churches and service groups. To create a sense of ownership within the village we ask that they supply cement, sand and assist with labor.

Chuck Larsen explains our mission and process.
Bill Ballou
Owner/operator of a Christian book store with his wife Ila. Bill, also a charter member is involved with Rotary International. He has made contacts for us in partnership projects.
Terry Dittmer,
Owner/operator of a lumber yard in his home town of Crete, NE.  He has been a member for 3 years and has introduced several groups the work of W4H. As with each of our board members he is a faithful supporter of our mission.
Harvey Schweitzer
has been on the board for 3 years and has farmed most of his life in eastern NE and comes to Haiti nearly every year to work on projects. His church is a great supporter of W4H..
Chuck Larsen
has been going to Haiti since 1984. He taught math for 5 years before returning to the family farming operation in central NE for 35 years. The past 5 years he spends 5-6 months in Haiti each year.
Nancy Larsen
is a charter member of the board since 2008. She taught early elementary for 30+ years and is now retired. Nancy is in Haiti 4 months each year, cooking for the work groups who come on short term missions.
Ryan Walker
Information coming soon!
Tim Springer
came on the board with his 2 friends of Harvey and Terry. They are 100 miles from W4H's offices and have added a new dimension of ideas and a new donor base. He is busy in the community working as a full time farmer and lay pastor.
Rollie Gibbins,
His first trip to Haiti was in 1984 and has returned many times since. He has been on the board for 7 years and has helped form W4H with his leadership. He is now an independent contractor of commercial telephone system installations after 30 years with Bell Telephone.
David Schlatter
Information coming soon!
Mark Wilkerson
Information coming soon!
Zog, Jr., Roberto and Sammy - W4H Employees