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Water 4 Haiti, 412 W 48th St. Suite #12, Kearney, NE 68848 
Phone: 308.832.1708    Email: water4haitineb@gmail.com

W4H formed in 2008 with 2 pipe wrenches and several pipe and a cylinder. 
We are thankful for our supporters who have helped us bless 1000's of Haitians

Water4Haiti was founded to provide vision, structure and opportunity for projects to meet the needs of Haiti's people.We focus mainly on repairing broken pumps but we do not limit ourselves to that alone.  If a project is needed in a community and it would improve their lives and it is within our expertise, ability and financial resources we will consider the project.

What other types of projects have we done?

We helped after the earth quake.  We delivered 28,000 meals provided by the US Army, 900 tents and hundreds of gallons of water, clothes medical supplies, blankets and other needed items.

On the island of La Ganove, which is 15 x 40 miles with 125,000 inhabitants, it was found that over 50 hand pump wells were inoperable and in need of repairs. Water4Haiti has worked for Rotary International and for World Vision on such projects.

Each year we bring a dentist to Haiti that provides basic dental care for Haitians that have never seen a dentist. On his most recent trip he pulled over 400 teeth.

Recently in a small community we assisted with sanitation by repairing latrines, capping and repairing wells, and helped with wind chargers.

In one area, which was accessible only by boat the 4 villages had no well or bakery. There was no fresh bread in the area so Water4Haiti raised $4,000 to have an oven built. To try to provide water for them we carried the drilling machine to 3 locations but, unfortunately, were stopped by solid rock each time. Some of the villagers would float 50 gallon oil drums in the ocean surf several miles to a spring then float back the usable water.  The basics of bread and water which we do not even think about are such a cherished gift in regions like this. Worked with Rotary International, World Vision, and Food for the Poor